Hey Factory Fans!

See this?  This is me, Tony D, after a full day of making webcomics and telling people about them on Social media.


I know.  Terrible, right?  (No wonder I can’t spell anything.)  But you can help!

We’re starting the Webcomic Factory Super Team!  We’re looking for fans to help spread the word via social media and in return you’ll get prizes for free.

This month’s prize is a signed copy of The Travelers (by yours truly) and a set of Post Apocalyptic Nick pins and stickers!  All you have to do is post links to the Webcomic Factory’s webcomics in your favorite social media:  Google Plus, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or wherever you like to hang out on the Internet.  Send us the 20 links in an email, after we confirm them, we’ll send you the Super Team Prize!

nickstarter_button_samplezombie_buttonmartin_buttonnickstarter_sticker_sample sticker

Now here are the basic ground rules:

1.  The link should go the webcomic, not the picture file and not www.thewebcomicfactory.com, but like this.

2.  Post where it’s appropriate.  (Don’t flood a message board with 20 links in a day or wedge it into a place where people will get mad.  We want people to like us!)

3.  Don’t rehost the webcomic.  We’re trying to get people to visit here.

4.  If you succeed in getting a permanent link on the link list of another website, even if it’s yours, that’s counts as two.

5.  Spread your posts out over a few weeks and a few places if you can.  Definitely don’t do it all in one day!

6.  Shoot me an email when you have 20 links here and I’ll check ’em out.  If they check out, you win!

7.  Send me your snail mail address and I’ll send you the prize.*

8.  If you’re a minor, get your parents’ permission.

9.  If the prizes run out for that month, we’ll post it on the blog and let you know.  But don’t worry, we got other stuff!

10.  If you’ve never liked our Facebook page before, liking our page and posting something nice is worth one post.

11.  Posting a link to a Super Frat webcomic also counts as one post.

12.  We kind of prefer that you post the most current webcomic, but it can be anyone that strikes your fancy.

*If you’re outside the U.S. email me first, we may have to work out something else.  As I found out in the Kickstarter, mailing stuff overseas is super expensive!  Only one prize per fan, but don’t worry, we’ll be doing more in the weeks to come!

In the months and weeks to come, we’ll be expanding the Super Team, adding other prizes and working on a secret website only for Super Team members.  It will contain exclusive content not available to normal visitors.  So join the Webcomic Factory Super Team today!