Hey Factory Fans!

Don’t forget, I’m at the Philadelphia Wizard World this weekend in artist alley at table 2360.  Stop by and say hi!  (And then, maybe buy something.)

At Super Frat, it’s Rewritten Headlines: Grumpy Cat to Will Smith.

And the Quote of the Day is from Steve Ditko via Ditko Cultist:

“Learn what is right & wrong about drawing or art. Practicing bad drawing habits is an awful waste.
Study anatomy – you should know what is under the skin and how it moves.
Study people – to see how he muscles & bones cause the various shadows, bumps & shapes – their gestures, emotions, habits – everything about them.
Study other artists – to see how they interpret anatomy, people, etc.
Everything today, whether it’s a light bulb or the English language – or a car, is the result of people building on the knowledge before us. Everyone adding something of their own.”