Hey Factory Fans!

March is finally winding down (and hopefully the damned snow!) so why not click on our sponsors this month?  Randomcomics.net for all your online comic book purchasing needs and The Thread Society, cool clothes sold in a cool way.  For each shirt sold, the Thread Society donates a shirt to someone in need.

At Super Frat it’s Rewritten Headlines: Barbara Walters to Sea Hare.

And the Quote of the Day is from Mark Waid:

“I believe that the reader has to stay in control of the experience, just like with a book or magazine or printed comic … It needs to be up to you, the reader, to decide at what pace you go through the story. Once the creator starts adding music, voices, animation, or anything that imposes moving time on the experience, your control as a reader over the pacing is taken from you, and it becomes a more passive—and certainly a different—experience.”