Hey Factory Fans:

Today at Super Frat, it’s Your Fratoscope and don’t miss your Sunday, The Funnicks, by Harold George.  Also, yesterday I visited my uncle’s restaurant on the Walk Show.

And we reach a big milestone here at the Factory today; the final page of Dealers.  Dealers was a two year journey that was just an amazing ride.  I was honored to be a part of it with artist Nicholas Raimo and co-writer Christian Beranek.  But this was really Christian’s story, literally and metaphorically.  It was a unique experience is so many ways.  Not only the creation of a such a large project and coherent graphic novel, but to also know the person whom the autobiography is based.  (I met Christian about a year after the events of the graphic novel.)

Will there be a Dealers 2?  We’re talking about it already.  That will be another very unique experience as I was there for that era.  For now though, I urge you to read Christian’s Afterword underneath the last page which ties things up nicely.  A big thank you to Nicholas and Christian for their tireless efforts and talent.  And thank you, the reader, for taking this journey with us.

And, as always, more to come.

-Tony D