Hey Factory Fans!

Okay, due to the relentless amount of spam we’ve received recently, I’ve been forced to create a new Comment policy.  From now on, comments will only be accepted by register users.  Sorry, but it’s just been crazy here at Factory HQ trying to delete all the spam.  Plus I shut down all comments that were older than two weeks ago.    But then I undid that.  Some of the strips are still shut down for comments.  I guess I can go back and revive them, but some will stay shut down because there were quite a few closed and finding them all will be impossible.

Anyhow, the morale of the story is, don’t accept anonymous posts, I guess.  From now on, we’ll have to know you.  Sorry.  You can still be critical if you want though, although most people are pretty nice.

Today at Super Frat, it’s Ten Christmas Gifts You’ll Never See.