Dwarves Invade the Webcomic Factory!

 From the Webcomic Factory:  Tony DiGerolamo, creator of The Travelers and former game and comics writer for Kenzer & Company has announced the latest offering from The Webcomic Factory, a fantasy webcomic called Kingdom of the Dwarves.
“I was a hardcore D&D player for decades,” says DiGerolamo.  “I’ve always been big on fantasy, from my work on The Travelers and Everknights and on Hackmaster for Kenzer.  Kingdom of the Dwarves is going to be a graphic novel epic.”
Illustrated by Mark Smith, Kingdom of the Dwarves takes place on the fictional world of Agrill where the humans have been wiped out by dragons.
“We auditioned a ton of artists, but we choose Mark because the artwork is a really demanding job.  You have to do color in fantasy.  Always,” says DiGerolamo.  “In this fantasy world, the Elves sold out the humans and betrayed them to the dragons.  The dragons wanted them wiped out because they had magic that could kill them.  Now it’s up to the Dwarves to pick up where the humans left off, but the odds are stacked against them.”
Kingdom of the Dwarves starts posting on midnight, April 15th at http://www.thewebcomicfactory.com/2012/04/15/kingdom-of-the-dwarves/ and will run all this week.  After that, it will become part of the regular Webcomic Factory line up.

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