Hey Factory Fans!

Whew!  Lots going on this week behind the scenes, I can tell you.  Besides doing the books, we’ve been on a great tear with sponsors!  Comicbookprinting.com and Comicfleamarket.com have re-upped for April!  And, don’t forget our other two April Sponsors X-Con and Super Wildpig Show!  Guests at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  X-Con include Margot Kidder and, voice of Zorak, C. Martin Croker.  Over in New Jersey, Super Wildpig has a ton of comic book guests including Peter David.  So keep clicking fans and check them out!  Help us by helping them.

Another podcast happened last night.  Out of Pittsburgh, I was a guest on show #90 of the Comic Book Pitt.  Awesome show, thanks guys!

BTW, yesterday’s I Hate My Kids strip was based on a true story from my good friends, Russ and Kelly and their baby, Madison.

And, of course, it’s another Super Frat strip.  In this one, Count Steve digs the lie hole deeper in Confessions of a Goth.