Name: Thao Xuan

First Appearance: The Horror of Colony 6 Page 1

Description: A seemingly law-abiding scientist and space colonist at New Columbia, Colony 6, we discover very early on Thao’s dark side.  Like all of us, Thao had a breaking point and his was his wife’s infidelity.  After having an affair with another colonist named Jarvis, Thao secretly found out.  Unable to forgive or forget, Thao waited until he was on a routine expedition with Jarvis on the surface planet of New Columbia.  He rigged a remote control device to turn off forcefield helmets.

Unfortunately, his plan is uncovered by the commander of the colony, but whether or not Thao would go further by murdering witnesses is unknown.  Thao is dark and brooding.  He was forced into joining the colonists for financial reasons and regretted ever since.