Laurel Springs, NJ:  The Webcomic Factory, online at, is launching a new, online comic book series called digital hobo.

“This is probably the most personal webcomic we’ve produced yet,” says WF co-founder and digital hobo co-creator, Tony DiGerolamo.  “The characters are based on myself and my girlfriend and explore our current financial situation.”

Just like DiGerolamo, the protagonist Dylan is a writer that finds himself in a tight bind.  Shortly after moving into a condo with his girlfriend, Dylan’s girlfriend loses her job, forcing him to pick up the slack with more freelance work from the Internet.

“It’s pretty much the same, except we have a house rather than a condo.  The comic explores the various crazy jobs I’ve done off of Craiglist and other online sources.”

DiGerolamo’s co-creator, Christian Beranek, also knows what it’s like to be a freelancer.  “It’s a bit crazy sometimes,” says Beranek.  “But you do what you have to to survive.  We originally were going to call it Craigslist Hobo, but we decided to tweak the name to make it more original.”

The first installment of digital hobo will be posted on Sunday, September 26, 2010.  It features the art of artist Nockiman and will be updated weekly, like all the projects on the Webcomic Factory.  The Webcomic Factory posts a new comic every day at


Tony DiGerolamo