I have been a graphic designer / illustrator for the last 18 years. Last year I decided that I wanted to use my talent drawing comics. Not because I like to draw and I want to show off art. I love telling stories with pictures. So I got together some of my old comic pages form 15 years before when I was pursuing a career comics. Then went to the 2009 Dallas Comicon and got my first Comic Book gig with Capstone Comic Publishing, illustrating CapeTown. I also met the artist Andrew Mangum at that show. He has helped me out alot and we have became really good friends. Andrew helped me get my next book to illustrate Psibernetix Hardwear written by Dave Kopecki. At the 2010 Texas Comicon I ran into Christian and Tony from The Webcomic Factory. Now I am working on The Horror of Colony 6. It is hard for me to imagine that all happened in one year.

You can check out more of my art here- http://tomg0.deviantart.com/