Name: Donner

First Appearance: Miserable Comedians #1

Description: Donner is a stand up comic that is probably better looking than he is funny.  Skating by on his good looks, Donner does a lot of jokes about relationships because his personal life is a mess and he is secretly jealous of people who do have successful relationships.  But at the same time, Donner wants those relationships, so every once in a while he allows himself to be vulnerable.  It’s at that moment, he usually gets into trouble either because he opens up to another miserable comic or because he gets scared and starts turning on the person.

Comedy is, after all, a defense mechanism.  So in a way, Donner is his own worst enemy when it comes to relationships.  His only friends are other comics that he doesn’t consider a threat.  Fortunately, he’s so full of himself, he doesn’t consider any comic that isn’t world famous a threat.