Hey Factory Fans!

We’re starting a new semi-regular column here called “In House Interview” where we take a moment to profile one of the fine staff members here.  It’s Monday, so let’s talk to Fernando Sosa, artist for Tony Destructo.

Tony:  Hey Fernando!  How long have you been doing art?  What got you started?

Fernando:  It’s been approximately 9 years since I entered the animation studio and 7 years that I’ve worked as a professional for several publications & newspapers in Argentina and diverse clients from around the world.

(Fernando self portrait)

Tony: Have computers impacted the way you do art?  How much of your work is digital now?

Fernando: In my case, a lot.  Along with knowing and implementing different software programs and digital tools, the Internet has helped me stay in contact with diverse people around the world, professional as well as personal.

Tony: Yeah, we never would’ve found you without the Internet!  Thank you computer gods!  Tell us about some of the projects you did before the Webcomic Factory?

Fernando: I’ve been working for a local newspaper for the past 7 years, and I’ve also been working in 2D animation and doing illustrations, pin-ups, concept design, graphic design, etc.

Tony: That’s interesting because I immediately thought of newspaper comics when I saw your style.  What are some of your artistic influences?

Fernando: I admire some of the comics artist of Europe and America.
My favorite authors are: Alberto and Enrique Breccia, Hugo Pratt, F. Ibañez, Dante Quinterno, Jean Giraud, Joe Madureira, Jorge Zaffino, Ariel Olivetti, Richard Corben, Tanino Liberatore, Simon Bisley, Bruce Timm, Carlos Meglia, Uderzo, etc.

Tony: Does your personality come out in your art?  And if so, how?

Fernando: Yes, I believe that my personality comes out in my drawings, including all of my influences.   I have learned to find my style through my successes as well as my failures, and that has resulted in my style.

Tony: Give us a little background on you.  Where do you live?  What’s it like?

Fernando: I live in the city of Cordoba Argentina, the second largest city in proportion and population in my country.   For example, a few famous authors were born here.  It is the province where Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets, DC), Juan Ferreyra (Darkhorse) Horacio Altuna and Oscar Chichoni were all born.

Besides being  a cartoonist and animator, I have done work on short films.   I have a daughter named Nuria, my mother and brother,  a cat and a dog: D  Working from my home town is sometimes a bit complicated because the big studios and publishers, are concentrated in Buenos Aires, which is the capital of our country.
But that has not stopped me working so hard for this newspaper more issue inside the country or even work in different media of Cordoba, the country or abroad.   In that case, new technologies have provided me my job if needed (for now) I have to move to another city, but do not rule out the possibility either.

Tony: Working internationally, do you find that the language barrier is a problem?

Fernando: With the language, I manage quite well with what I know and with a little help from the on-line translator.  But my greatest desire is to work and be recognized in my country and the world.

My dream is to work on some of my favorite characters from my childhood.   For now I’ve done some things that I believe have left my mark, but I have much more to do.

Tony: What’s your favorite strip that you’ve done for the Webcomic Factory?

Fernando: Particularly, I have always liked the strip in which Tony destroys a comic convention. But, in general, I have enjoyed doing all of the strips, it’s been a catharsis of mine 😀

Tony: Ha!  We knew you were the right guy for this gig!  Mr. Destructo told me personally he is greatly pleased with your work.  Do you read other webcomics and if so, which ones?  What kind of comic books do you read?

Fernando: I read webcomics and E-books. I check out a lot of the works of my colleagues that participate with me in our own projects.  I am collaborating on some comic projects now as well as day-to-day jobs through WCF.

Here’s my own project a bunch of colleagues from Latin America and Europe: http://www.fanzinebarricada.blogspot.com/ And in Indyplant there are some reproductions of my books: HERE and HERE.

Thank you for the interview!

Tony: No problem!  And as Tony Destructo would say, “Keep drawing for Justice!”