Beranek and DiGerolamo launch The Webcomic Factory

Writer/producers Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo have joined forces with a bevy of artists from around the globe to launch The Webcomic Factory. A provider of daily content, The Webcomic Factory runs original webcomics across a wide variety of genres. Such titles include Sports Guys, Post Apocalyptic Nick and Japanese Schoolgirls in Love.

DiGerolamo has written for the Simpsons comic books and got his start in webcomics with Super Frat. Beranek is best known for his work on Dracula vs. King Arthur and his involvement in Disney’s Kingdom Comics. With the regular comic book market dwindling and digital avenues on the rise, Beranek and DiGerolamo knew they had to take action.

“The future of comics is digital and that future is now,” says Beranek. “The Webcomic Factory is not saying print is dead, in fact we’ll be doing books when the time is right. What we’re saying is there is a another, more efficient way to deliver content to a much wider audience than what the print system does now.”

DiGerolamo takes a more extreme stance: “Print, TV and film are all dead. The only medium that will continue to grow is the Internet. Everyone in the comic book industry has been losing readers for years, while webcomics just continue to grow. Cutting edge technology like the iPad will make it even easier for people to read our entire library. Who wants to pay $3.99 just to read a tiny piece of it? The future is the Internet and The Webcomic Factory will be the leader in a brave new comics world.”

The Webcomic Factory also has a network of affiliate sites that it partners with on ads and sponsorships. Included in this network are such high profile projects as Contropussy by Emma Caulfield, Camilla Rantsen and Christian Meesey, and Merch Girl by hip hop star Murs and comic creator Josh Blaylock.

To celebrate the launch The Webcomic Factory will be hosting a party at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA May 26th starting at 6pm. On hand will be popular radio and tv personality Diana Falzone. She will be hosting a special live chat about webcomics via Paltalk at 7pm PST that night.

To join the chat, please visit: