Sports Guys

Welcome to Sports Guys. It's a bar where guys come in and talk about sports. And women. And beer. And sometimes buffalo wings and nachos when they're hungry. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, but if they don’t know the score of the game what’s the point? Whether you’re a gambler, a stat junkie or just can’t stand stupid calls, there’s a seat for you in Sports Guys.
Apr 18, 2010Sports Guys

Post Apocalyptic Nick

Nick Surrey has just survived the worst Tuesday of all time. Climbing out of his hotel three days later, he finds himself trapped in an apocalyptic landscape in California. His car destroyed and his phone dead, he starts a journey cross country to see if his wife was really serious about divorcing him back in New Jersey. Can a man who knows nothing about survival survive without his iPhone, Chinese Take Out and Cable TV?

Olde Tyme Gamer

I Hate My Kids

May 18, 2011I Hate My Kids

Japanese Schoolgirls in Love

Minako was just a normal, amazingly sexy Japanese schoolgirl. Then one day, she merged with an intergalactic robot guardian. Now she is Superstar Baby 7, the last guardian of Earth’s Galaxy. Can Minako balance school with saving the universe and her friends? Will she ever admit her crush on Haro? And will the mean girl crush her spirit or prove to be her friend?

Digital Hobo

Dylan Cerland is a freelance writer living with his girlfriend. His life was great until his girlfriend lost her job. Now they are struggling to keep their place. With Dylan’s spotty resume, his only alternative is to work odd jobs he finds off the Internet, especially places like Craigslist. It’s a weird job, but someone has to do it.

Miserable Comedians


In the 1990’s, toys, baseball cards and comic books were hot and Gary and his friends wanted them. This is the story of how they all slowly destroyed their lives.
Oct 14, 2012Dealers: One of Us
Dec 23, 2012Dealers: Cuckold
Jan 06, 2013Dealers: Crushed

Comic Book Mafia

CB and Tony D would like to invite you to the offices of Lead Pipe Studios where they conduct perfectly legitimate comic book business. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how CB and Tony D make very legal comic books and never beat up comic book store owners, abuse fans or make satirical jabs at the comic book industry.
Apr 16, 2010Comic Book Mafia

In a Relationship

We’ve all been in them we’ve all be out of them. Relationships are getting more and more complicated and technology probably isn’t helping. Tune in week after week to see semi-true stories of the dating world, relationships and just trying to get some without too much hassle.
Apr 16, 2010In A Relationship

Tony Destructo

The Webcomic Factory is proud to present Tony Destructo. Mr. Destructo would like us to tell you that he is not a professional wrestler, but he does own a machete and seeks justice wherever he goes. He embodies that justice in wanton acts of destruction, sometimes with a machete. Please do not attempt to embody justice yourself, Mr. Destructo is a professional. Trust us you wouldn’t like him when he was angry.
Apr 10, 2010Tony Destructo

Antiwar Comic

Jan 18, 2012SOPA/PIPA Protest
Nov 21, 2013The JFK Illusion

The Gentlemen’s Club

Welcome to Boobopolis, a typical sleazy strip joint off the New Jersey Turnpike. But the ladies who work here are more than just hot chicks with a knack for pole dancing. Behind the scenes, they are real people trying to make a living in a tough business. Rhino, the club’s owner, is an ex-pornstar that’s seen it all and done it all. And the horny guys who come into his place are anything but gentlemen. So bring your dollar bills and be polite or you’re gonna meet the biker bouncer, Killer, as he tosses you out in the parking lot.

Kingdom of the Dwarves

Kingdom of the Dwarves is a fantasy adventure comic about a world where the humans were wiped out and a group of brave Dwarves attempting to free the planet from the iron grip of the dragons.

Gun Culture

Dec 01, 2012Gun Culture

Weird Biker Tales

So Many Nightmares